Portfolio Servicing

Northland Capital provides a full range of systems and process servicing for the administration of asset-based finance contracts. These services deliver customized front-end and ‘back-office’ portfolio administration. Northland Capital provides complete transaction processing services for managing contracts, from document preparation and booking through termination and residual realization.

Northland Capital is built upon the principles of integrity, commitment, excellence, and teamwork. Our core team consists of dedicated professionals who have experience and expertise in servicing, project management, systems development and finance/accounting in the leasing and finance industries.

In today's financial services environment, it’s critical to find efficiencies in operations and utilize capital resources where they are most needed. By aligning with a partner that specializes in specific functions of the business process, companies can benefit significantly by focusing on revenue generating components and customer loyalty. Northland Capital can provide a variety of resources to assist in the process of portfolio management.