Used equipment financing

Investing in new equipment seems like a no-brainer, but there may be high costs involved that can make that decision impractical. Consider used equipment to save money and remain fiscally responsible. If you are looking to acquire used equipment, Northland Capital has a way for you to save even more. Our used equipment financing programs enable you to get what your company needs with a lease or finance payment that works with your budget. Equipment financing is simple, cost-effective and an effective strategy to keep your cash and your business running smoothly. 

Benefits of used equipment leasing

Cash purchases or loan down payments can deplete your on-hand capital. One of the major benefits in leasing used equipment is it eliminates the need of spending large sums of cash up-front. With a lower price tag for used equipment, it also helps reduce costs, especially when you opt for a tailored leasing plan. 

Northland Capital may have just what you need. Our used, pre-owned or refurbished equipment is available for purchase or finance. Typically our equipment goes through a multi-step inspection process to make sure it is in good working condition. Previously used equipment may show signs of wear and tear, but it still gets the job done.  View our current inventory available for purchase or finance.

you find it, we can fund it

Even before you start your equipment search from dealers, auctions or distributors, call Northland Capital to get pre-approved.  We will present you with several flexible financing options and find the right solution for your needs. Pre-approvals allow you to get the best deal on quality used equipment fast - before it's gone.