Road map to success in a rising rate environment


Over the past few years, consumers have experienced record low borrowing costs. For many businesses, it has been a great time to borrow and continue their growth. However, as the economy continues its growth, interest rates will continue to rise which can limit cash flow. Northland Capital has a solution to combat rates that seem sure to increase.

We offer fixed-payment finance and lease agreements that gain peace of mind for our partners in knowing that they have protection from rising rates. Fixed payment options provide affordable financing for equipment while preserving cash for daily operations. If you have future equipment needs or upgrades, we suggest arranging your finance options soon.

As with many of the lease and finance choices offered at Northland Capital, we have multiple options for customized terms to coincide with the seasonality of cash flow. We work with you to make sure that you are receiving the right plan at the right time for a successful road map.

One way to plan for success is to stay on top of the ever-changing interest rates and avoid not keeping enough cash on hand.  It’s good to have options, let’s find one that’s works best for you.

Find out more about our many financing options or for personalized pricing, contact us directly at 800.471.2122.