St Teresa Orphans Foundation


Being called to do great things, is a part of what Founder and CEO Willis Kleinjan and wife Jodi are doing to motivate change.  St. Teresa Orphans Foundation - STOF. 


Founded in 2001 by Teresa Nyirenda Litchy, raised in a family of eight children with struggling hardworking parents. No matter what, they loved each other, shared the little they had and had faith.  Secondary school was not an option until Teresa was rescued by a missionary priest in Tanzania and given two miracles -  to attend secondary school for free and after, to attend college in London.

Returning home, Teresa found many children wandering alone. Having no resources but a vision, the gift of hope and the ability to provide one daily meal, St Teresa Orphans Foundation was formed with six children. 

With the help of many local MN communities and organizations, STOF was registered as a non-profit in 2004. With the help of family members, friends and a few church communities in MN, 324 orphans and vulnerable children have been rescued. Today the vision keeps growing for the 200 children currently receiving care.


Through gifts and fundraisers, Northland Capital employees have donated over $2,100 to this unique foundation. Plus the many contributions, time and hardwork by Willis and Jodi themselves and several employee families. 

We were honored to have Teresa Nyirenda Litchy join us at Northland Capital to gain more insight into the foundation's efforts. Currently, employee donations funded a chicken coop project that houses 200+ chickens. Built completely by the orphans, digging in fencing and buildling the coop, these chickens will provide a second meal of protein to the many children daily.

In addition, we have sponsored a secondary grade orphan! We are anxiously awaiting their story to share.

The container project brought many needed goods donated by the local community. The container arrived in December and provided various items and much needed desks, materials and supplies for the schools with an immediate impact. The container will eventually become a library. 

You can find the STOF foundation story and continued efforts online:

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    founder Teresa Nyirenda Litchy                                         chicken coop project                                              container project